House4Hack GP: Rand-for-Rand Donation Match


So, Schalk and Andrew were chatting last night and announced the awesome news below earlier this morning:  On Nov 14, 2013 8:35 AM, “Schalk Heunis” <???> wrote: Good news! Andrew and I have been chatting and House4Hack will match Rand-for-Rand any of your generous donation towards the lasercutter at H4H Centurion. I will put up […]

Weekly Meetup: 10 October 2013

IMG_20131010_215248 (Large)

    Another successful weekly meeting passed: a Duplicator 3D printer got fixed Peter worked on his CNC and CoreXY bots Printed and tested an experimental carriage that runs on OpenBeam to see if thats an option for the Lasercutter Project Some chats about the Values of the MakerSpace – notably the Leave it better […]

Weekly Meetup: 3 October 2013

Kznh4h oct

We met on 3 Oct from 06:30 – 11:30pm David donated a PSU to protect the machine tools (laser particularly) from the famous Ballito Brownouts and worked on fitting some fresh batteries Peter brought his EcksbotZA and printed out the spindle mountings for his CNC Nino worked on a big 7 segment LED display, soldering […]

Help Fund our LaserCutter / LaserSaur


Owning your own laser has several advantages Running cost can be as low as R4.00 per minute Allows the development of a lot of cool gadgets Draws more arty members into the hackerspace as they now have a tool that can release their creativity Currently KZN House4Hack borrows Impressive Signs in Umhlali and the MakerSpace’s […]

Moving into theMakerSpace


So, we have been offline for the past few months, no meetups, no projects.  And I guess many of you thought we were dead!  Well, I have good news, you were wrong! While we were out of action, we were working behind the scenes, collaborating and planning.   We met up with Steve Gray that […]